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About Us

The history of our church goes back over 165 years. 

Days and years have come and gone, and our church has witnessed times of prosperity, times of adversity, and times of depression. 

While we cannot give an adequate telling of her history, for there have been people and events now lost to time, we can offer a brief scan through the horizons of time past and tell what we do know.

Our church began as a vision from Round Hill Church in the country to have a church right in the heart of the community of Elizabeth for the people who lived there.

For a considerable sum at the time, our plot of land on the corner of Bayard and Third St. was purchased for three hundred and ninety dollars. On May 1st, 1851, Round Hill built the town church on the plot, sharing a minister.

Over the course of the next hundred years the church saw expansion and growth, both in members and in the building itself. It was refurbished in the late 19th century with new windows, doors, painting, and lighting. Early in the 20th century, the front brick tower was added. Through out the first part of the 20th century, heating systems, kitchen equipment, and an organ were installed.

In the years following World War II, the church saw great growth, resulting in the need to expand the building.1949, plans were started to be drawn and money raised. Work began on a new addition to the building in the back of the church in 1953.

Our History:

On January 13th, 1957, the First Presbyterian Church of Elizabeth was organized as its own stand alone church, separate from the country church of Round Hill. Since this point on, our church has served the community as its own independent body of believers. ​

In the past 160 years, 33 ministers have served the church. Each one saw the effort and faith of the people in our city church reach out to the world. While the ministers have come and gone, the people that are the heart of this church have stayed the same.

The church has seen the tides of good fortune come into the community of Elizabeth through the rise of industry, but it has also seen the tides of change leave our community shifting, as that same industry left the small towns along the Monongahela. 

As the world continues to change and the city of Elizabeth looks ahead to the future, we hope that our church on the corner will continue to help the people of our community see the great plans God has in store for each one of us.

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