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Exodus 20: Author

This week we witness the third set of three plagues visited upon Pharaoh and Egypt. In this final set, we come face to face with the question of who God really is to us.

Exodus 19: Dual Living

We continue our study of Exodus by witnessing the second set of three plagues visited upon Pharaoh and Egypt. By examining the actions of Pharaoh, we can learn the dangers of being half hearted in our lives when it comes to our faith.

Exodus 18: Hard Hearts

Today, the showdown between Pharaoh and God starts, and we witness the beginning of the plagues, causing us to discern what it means to have a hard heart and reflecting on this question in our own lives.

Exodus 17: The Plan Unfolds

We are starting part 2 of this series with a short recap of where God has led the Nation of Israel thus far in our study, and we move ahead as as God's plan begins to unfold for the people of Israel and Egypt.

Exodus 16: Answer

Today we hear the answer from God to help Moses. In this answer, we can find a wellspring of help for ourselves in the difficult moments of our lives.

Exodus 15: Cry Out

Today we see the fallout from the conflict of last week, as Pharaoh oppresses the people, and we see how Moses and the Israelites respond. How do we face difficulties in our lives? Is it ok to complain to God?

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