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Foundations: Scripture

Today we take a look at the principle of Holy Scripture, examining it's deep importance for guiding our understanding of God and the world. 

Foundations: Confession

Today we take a look at the principle of confession and how it is a fundamental aspect of Christian faith. Find out how this impactful aspect of faith has become misunderstood by today's world.

Foundations: Prayer

Today we take a look at the principle of prayer, and it's deep role it plays in all facets of Christian life, particularly as a foundation of Christian community. 

Foundations: Praise

Today we examine the reasons, meanings and importance of Praise. Why do we sing? What's in the power of singing? Come join us to see how the act of praise transforms the world and our lives.

Foundations: Communion

This week we focus on the life giving power of coming to the Lord's Table. What really takes place at the table? In building Christian community, there may be no greater element given to us than this sacrament.

Foundations: Baptism

This week we focus on the community creating aspect of Baptism and how it is a fundamental aspect of building Christian community. 

Foundations: Worship

This week we focus on Worship by focusing on how our lives are an act of worship. What truly is worship and what does it look like in every day life? Let us come away with a more holistic sense of what worship truly means.

Foundations: Temple

Today we focus on the presence of God in our lives (Part 2) by focusing on the purpose and meaning behind religious practices, the importance of Temple langue in the Bible, and the implications of us being the dwelling place of God.

Foundations: Presence of God

This week, we focus on the presence of God in our lives, and not taking the reality of God lightly. We examine how the presence of God is revealed to us through out the Bible to help broaden how we think about God when we come to worship.

Foundations: Immanuel

We are continuing our sermon series entitled "FOUNDATIONS." Today we focus on how Jesus is called Immanuel, "God with Us," and the deep underlying truth this reveals for whole of the Biblical story and thus our story today as disciples of Christ called to proclaim the Good News.

Foundations: Christ

We continue our sermon series entitled "FOUNDATIONS."  Today we focus on how Jesus is our source for strength and wisdom and how the crucified and risen Christ is the center of all we believe, say and do. The importance of the spiritual aspect of our lives can not be overstated.

Foundations: Introduction

Today we begin a new sermon series entitled "FOUNDATIONS OF CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY" where we explore authentic Christianity; experiencing the reality and presence of God and not just to "do church." Today's message is an overview of the next weeks where we strive to let Christ be our focus above all.