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Coming together to experience the worship of God is a powerful event. We desire to bring excellence in all that we do to both praise God and help you come into God's presence. As we continue to pursue God, we are excited for others to join us. All are welcome, and it's easy to visit through our online services. If you have a talent for singing, music, or production, we are always looking to grow.

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We believe that the pursuit of Christ is a lifelong journey. Part of our growth as Christians is to continue to learn and challenge ourselves, which happens as much during the week as during worship. The study of the Bible happens best in a community, and we currently meet every Tuesday morning at 11 AM in our library.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Pastoral Support

If you are looking for help in your life, Rev. Schneider is here to work with you, whether it's growing in your spiritual life, dealing with struggles, wrestling with depression or grief, or seeking counseling. He is always available to pray for you as well, God's most simple yet powerful way to help one another. It only takes a moment to reach out for help. 

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